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Keeping Business Safe


Secure your information assets


We help you secure your information by a process or review, gap analysis and remediation. Our assessment consists of network testing, system and process review. Security gaps are identified, assessed and prioritised. For each gap the relevant fix or remedial action is identified and the effort involved is quantified.

Fixes include locking down systems, adjusting access controls and putting process changes in place that support your business in a secure manner.


Data Protection Act compliance


We help you make sure that your company and its information systems are compliant with the privacy laws including the 1988 and 2003 Irish Data Protection Acts.


We do this by assessing compliance gaps, defining the fixes needed and putting the right processes, controls and procedures in place without fuss.


Business Continuity


We develop, implement and test business and IT continuity plans to help your company overcome business  or IT disaster.


This protects your business from the impact of disaster by avoiding risks and having a workable plan to recover quickly.



Secure Assets

Data Protection

Business Continuity

Secure Information Assets
Data Protection Compliance
Business Continuity