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Keeping Business Safe


If you lost your business information what would be the cost to your company?


Avoid the cost and bad publicity from system failure, information disclosure or legal / regulatory expense.


O’Farrell Associates can help you be safe and save money.


Improved IT Efficiency


Are you getting the most out of your business information and

is your IT optimised for your company?


Look at your IT systems, find where they can be improved or better aligned and identify areas for improvement.


Our IT health check is a key step to reducing cost and improving the effectiveness of your IT systems.


Better Business Productivity


Are there projects or other activities that you find difficult to complete in-house?


Do you lack the skills or sheer bandwidth to take on  the work?


O’Farrell Associates offer a range of additional services that can add value to your organisation.




Safe Business

IT Efficiency


Improve your company’s IT security, privacy and business resilience.

  • Secure systems reduce the risk of data disclosure.
  • Compliance with GDPR requirements protects you and your customer information.
  • Business and IT recovery plans matter if the worst happens.

We assess your IT systems and we follow up with recommendations and a plan to make your systems more effective.


We look at your company’s IT architecture, controls and IT processes from the following perspectives:

  • Adequacy of controls
  • Use of appropriate technologies
  • Business alignment


Services include:

  • Process analysis and design
  • User training
  • IT risk assessment
  • IT Audit and compliance
  • Outsource help
  • Process development (change, incident, helpdesk or outsource management).
  • Project management


Business Safety
IT Efficiency
Business Productivity