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Are you compliant with Data Protection Act requirements ?


Is your company at risk because of a data breach ?


In general terms privacy is the ability to control how you are identified, contacted and located. This is everyone’s fundamental right and your company has responsibilities in relation to any personal information gathered, kept or processed.


Data Protection Compliance review


Assess your data protection compliance. This results in an understanding of compliance gaps and instructions on how to get compliant.   We audit against the requirements of 1988 and 2003 Data Protection Acts, following the Data Protection Commissioner’s guidelines.


You have the assurance of knowing how effective your privacy controls are and confidence in your company's data protection compliance.


Improvement recommendations


We provide high level recommendations in relation to privacy compliance gaps identified.  We develop processes that enable a privacy compliance culture in your company.   Your company avoids the risk of prosecution or negative publicity associated with customer compliant or non compliance.


Implementation and awareness


We assist you in developing privacy compliance by implementing process and by the development and delivery of awareness programmes.  We provide technical and process support to help you re-mediate any gaps in your compliance.  Our technical knowledge will enable you to take the right actions.  You build confidence in your company's preparedness and ability to address unexpected data protection or privacy events as they arise.


Policy preparation


We can develop and publish privacy policies that align with your company’s business and operating ethos.  Good policies strengthen your company's privacy culture


Our Deliverables