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Information Technology Strategy


IT Strategy Assessment and Development


O’Farrell Associates can help your company build an IT strategy to meet your business needs. Your IT architecture, controls and IT processes are assessed and updated to:

•   Align with business needs

•   Use appropriate technologies

•   Have good controls in place


You benefit by having a technology plan that fits your company profile now and matches your plans in a way that prepares your company for future business challenges.


What an IT Strategy should be


Your company's IT Strategy should outline the scope, objectives, benefits and should have a direct relationship to your business strategy. The company IT strategy should also describe the methodologies used, staffing plans, budget and provide a summary of your project portfolio.


Your company plans are heavily influenced by existing applications and project portfolio as well as the methods and IT architecture you currently use.


SWOT analysis is key


The strengths and weaknesses of your company's IT team are significant inputs to strategy development. New technologies and processes offer opportunities to better support business plans as well as cost reductions. Consider also how those same technologies are used by competitors.


IT governance. The roles and responsibilities you put in place now will be significant in hard times and in growth periods ahead.